Let’s Get Ready for Winter! Bike Camping 102 is Here

Yes, it’s time again to break out the rain gear, put on another layer and check the batteries on those lights.  Waitaminute – are we still going camping in this?

You Bet We Are – and You Can Too!

Come join us Saturday, November 20th at 2pm at the Portland Hawthorne Hostel for Bike Camping 102: Winter Camping.  This free class tells you what you can expect if you camp during the offseason, and why you might want to.  Did you know that during the offseason:

  • There are NO BUGS
  • Most state and many federal campgrounds remain open year-round
  • State campgrounds have hot showers (that are free – they don’t use quarters like in some other states)
  • Prices for most sites are cheaper than during the regular season
  • Cabins, yurts and teepees are frequently open to be rented on fairly short notice – and that they have beds with a mattress, heat, power, and lights

There are some additional issues to deal with when camping in the off-season: shorter days, colder temperatures, and that ever-present northwest companion – RAIN.  We’ll de-mystify the weather for you, and give you tips and tricks to beat these winter blahs – even if you’re on a tight budget.

Come join us, and find out how to have an enjoyable camping experience by bike!