Bikes and Meteors

Join us for the OMSI Perseid Meteor Shower Party at Stub Stewart State Park!

Destination: Brooke Creek hike-in camp at Stub Stewart State Park

Difficulty: Beginner/Easy

Date of Departure: August 12

Time & Location of Departure Point: Meet 6:30pm at Hatfield Goverment Station, the end of line Max stop in Hillsboro.

Return Trip: Return Saturday or Sunday, depends on rider.

“Stub” is one of Cycle Wild’s favorite camping spots as it’s relatively easy to get ride since it’s only 25 miles miles from the end of the MAX line in Hillsboro. The pace is usually pretty laid-back and takes about 3-4 hours to get to the camp.

We’ll be stopping at the Thriftway in Banks for food/drink then continuing North to the very bicycle friendly Banks-Vernonia Trail! The last 8 miles of the route to camp is on the Banks-Vernonia Trail which is a very gradual incline all the to the park with the park entrance and hike-in entrance being the most difficult but short climbs of the day. Follow the road to the welcome center then past the gate to “Brooke Creek Hike-in Camp”.

If you want to get to the OMSI Star Party, go out there Friday night. There will be a small group leaving from the Hatfield Goverment Center MAX stop at 6:30pm.
Otherwise, if you only want to go for a night, come out Saturday morning and return Sunday, but you might be on your own to get there.

Other cool stuff to do at the park: Disc Golf, Mountain Bike Trails, Hiking!


What to bring:

Cycle Wild’s recommended minimum gear list:

Mosquitoes will probably be in season, bring bug spray!Money for the site & firewood.

Firewood: $5 per bundleSites: $10 per site, share with someone to split the cost.


Additional Info:


Stub Stewart:

OMSI Star Party:

Weather Forecast:

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  1. Thanks for all you do with Cyclewild. I’m in PDX for two weeks and was able to pop up to LL Stubs for a quick Brompton overnight thanks to your awesome info, cue sheets, etc… Thanks a lot!

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