Grand Tour Week A

This was the first multi-day tour that I’ve been able to take since riding for 7 days through Montana in 2001. I’ve done around 40 or so over-night trips around the Portland area since 2007, but have never been out for more than 3 nights.

One of the neat things about touring with a group and each rider going their own pace is that we each experienced the tour differently. Interactions with traffic, sights, food, and even weather patterns all varied with each rider. There were days where Audrey and I left so early that we ran into some fog that other riders did not.


It was really relaxing nice to ride a route that someone else had planned out so that we could focus on enjoying the scenery without worry. Each day brought us detailed turn sheets and a basic map where we were in the tour. I think Matt Picio did an awesome job getting the entire route planned, turnsheets and maps produced and making sure we had a place to stay each night.



Everyone in the group seemed to get along and enjoy each other’s company after the end of the day of riding. Despite unrelenting sun and heat, we ended each day with celebratory drinks, laughs and the stuff that makes a group tour so awesome.

My entire tour photo set on Flickr

Cycle Wild photo group on Flickr