Help us out! We need your suggestions by tomorrow, Tuesday November 13th!

Homeward Group by Andy Schmidt, Labor Day Tour 2012.

Hello friends! As detailed in our last post, we are busily planning our fun events for 2013. We haven’t heard from you yet, so can you take a moment and answer these questions?

  • Where are your favorite spots?
  • What is a “must-do” next year?
  • What is a “please, not AGAIN” next year?
  • Where is a spot we haven’t been to that we should go to?

You can answer these questions either via the comments below, which will be public. Or, you can email your responses to urbanadventureleague  [  at  ]  gmail  [  dot  ]  com. We’ll be doing a major planning session on Tuesday, so please respond no later than noon Pacific Time on Tuesday November 13th.

Thanks a bunch!