Willamette Pedestrian Coalition Needs YOU at the Weston Awards

Over the years, Cycle Wild has been fortunate enough to work with a number of nonprofits in the greater Portland area.  One of them is the incredible Willamette Pedestrian coalition, a group which has fought for safer intersections, crosswalks, and better roads.  Good pedestrian infrastructure doesn’t just help pedestrians – it also helps cyclists.  It helps us negotiate troublesome intersections, it separates the modes so that bikes can travel without conflicting with walkers, joggers, strollers and mobility devices – making things safer for everyone.

WPC needs your help.

Every year, the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition holds its annual Weston Awards, a fundraising event which honors those individuals who have really gone the extra mile to make walking in Oregon safer.  And they want you to attend.  Cycle Wild wants you to attend also, and help support this worthy organization.

Tickets to the event are $45.  In addition to admission, they have awesome food from Soup Cycle, beer from Captured by Porches, sweets from Saint Cupcuke, and some great speakers.

The event is this weekend – Saturday, November 10th at 6pm.  Please attend and help support this wonderful nonprofit in their mission.  Thanks!