February cabin camping at Battle Ground Lake: planning on Feb 9-10

Bikes and cabins. From last February’s Battle Ground Lake trip.

February isn’t too far away either! We have a cabin camping trip planned at Battle Ground Lake State Park in Clark County, Washington. This is a moderate 24 mile ride from the Cascades MAX station on the Red Line in NE Portland (by IKEA). We are going to go ahead and reserve space for the weekend of February 9-10. We typically get two cabins, but if the demand is there, we will get more.

Cabins sleep five, and the per-person price will probably be around $15. (Washington State Park rates are more expensive than Oregon.) Each cabin has a double bed/single bed bunk combo and a futon that folds out into a double bed. The cabins have electric light, heat, and outlets but no stoves. (Bring a stove if you plan on cooking.)

Are you interested? Please let us know. As I said above we plan on getting at least two cabins, but if the demand is there, we can book up to four cabins.

Please note: We are only gauging for interest. By saying you are interested, you are not committing yourself to the trip. When we finalize reservations we’ll let everyone know how they can reserve a spot on the trip.