Stub Stewart cabin camping in January: Anyone interested in Jan 26-27?

Stub Stewart cabins in snow. Maybe it will snow in late January?
Happy 2013! January is definitely upon us and we planned on doing a cabin camping trip at Stub Stewart State Park, a relatively easy 22 mile bicycle ride from the end of the MAX in Hillsboro. Right now we have a trip leader who is willing to lead it on the last weekend of January (Jan 26-27). Before we go ahead and proceed to make reservations, we want to see how many people are interested in attending. We need at least enough to fill up a cabin (five people) to make it worth it, though we typically reserve two. The per-person price for camping works out to about $10. This rate does not include food, you must bring your own.
Are you interested? Please let us know. We need to know if there are folks interested by next Friday, January 11th. If there isn’t enough interest to fill a cabin, we won’t go.
Please note: We are only gauging for interest. By saying you are interested, you are not committing yourself to the trip. When we figure out if we can go and then make reservations, we’ll let everyone know how they can reserve a spot on the trip.