Bike Camping is CANCELLED for June 22-23

I regret to inform everyone that the Beginners’ Bike Camping event scheduled for Stub Stewart on June 22-23 has been cancelled.

I (Matt) injured my knee and am not able to ride for at least 2 weeks.  After an exhaustive search of potential ride leaders, we were unable to find someone who was able to lead the ride – all of our normal ride leaders and alternates are otherwise committed this weekend.

We hope to have another beginner-friendly ride later this year, and will announce it on the website when a date and destination have been selected.

2 thoughts on “Bike Camping is CANCELLED for June 22-23”

  1. Sorry to hear this, Matt. Hope your knee heals soon.

    Can anyone else lead this ride?
    Or, does anyone who signed up want to make it a smaller group and just go?

    You can email me directly at :) I was really looking forward to my first bike camping in OR.


  2. We would still be interested doing this ride in August or September. Does anyone feel up to leading it? We have bike camped at Dodge Park and Milo McIver, but not at Stubb Stewart, and I haven’t lead a group ride before, so I’m not sure if I am qualified to lead.

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