Matt Picio.

An open letter from Matt Picio, co-founder of Cycle Wild

Hi all,

This is a bit of a bittersweet announcement, but after 5 years at the helm of Cycle Wild, I’ve decided to step down. Officially as of December 15th, I resigned as President and board member of Cycle Wild. This decision was made with a lot of forethought, and with the knowledge and consent of the board. Erinne Goodell is the interim President until the next board meeting is held and a new President elected by the board.

I’m sure some of you would like to know why I’m leaving. There are many reasons – work constraints, a wedding coming up, and less time to commit to the cause are the main ones, but also because the current board has a lot of great ideas to improve the organization, and my stepping down frees the board to make those decisions and improvements without having to worry about what I would do. Cycle Wild as an organization is growing and evolving, and needs the ideas and work to make that happen – and the best thing founder can do is know when it’s time to step aside and let others work. That time is now, and I have every confidence that Cycle Wild will continue to be an awesome organization.

I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished in the five years we’ve been doing this. Cycle Wild has introduced more than 200 people to bike camping on more than 50 individual camping trips. Cycle Wild has successfully made camping by bike accessible to everyone, and as inclusive as possible as well as a friendly environment for families, people of all ages and skill levels, and for absolute beginners to the thrill of hauling everything out to the woods on one’s bicycle. We’ve successfully lobbied for bike improvements to state parks, worked with local, state and federal agencies to promote and maintain access to bike camping, and given input to stakeholder groups, agencies, and local communities on how to build better bike facilities, promote bicycle tourism, and make camping by bike more convenient, more available, and more accessible.

The current board: Co-founder Tomas Quinones, acting President Erinne Goodell, Lillian Karabaic, Ed Groth, and Shawn Granton are all community bike rockstars with years of biking and camping experience who will propel Cycle Wild forward and continue and improve on this legacy. They’ve been major drivers in our previous success, and I’m confident that they’ll come up with awesome activities and programs that I never could.

Thanks for a great ride – I will still see many of you on those Cycle Wild events which my schedule allows me to attend, and at other events in the bike community. Also, a little bird has told me that there will be an upcoming Happy Hour at Velocult which you should all consider attending. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to encourage you all to go camping by bike!

Best regards,
-Matt Picio

2 thoughts on “An open letter from Matt Picio, co-founder of Cycle Wild”

  1. Hello.

    I’m in Ashland, a senior, former pres of Siskiyou Velo. I attempt to encourage other club seniors to try bike camping. Last summer 16 joined me on a 4-day Willamette Valley tour; however only four of us camped–the others insisted on motels and a sag wagon.

    Next week, I’ll present this years tour menu of 12 tours to some 20 members. I have a mix of short and long–7-day–tour offerings. I just discovered Cycle Wild and am impressed with it. As many of my tours center on the Portland region, I wonder if what I’m about might be meaningful to you. Not sure what I mean by this but I’m open to suggestions, ideas to enhance what I’m about.

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