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New Camping Resource –


Oregon Campgrounds is a new website allowing folks to search for campgrounds within the state of Oregon based on filterable criteria.  In many ways, it’s similar to what I wanted to do with our Campground Map, but with more advertising than we would have.

The site is very well done, with listings covering a large range of parks, a large range of amenities, maps, and a consistent and well-thought out layout.  I think this is probably the best resource out there for finding campsites in the state of Oregon, and when paired with Travel Oregon’s Ride Oregon Ride website, there are some great options for finding routes to many of these parks.

Unfortunately, the site has some minor issues.  It doesn’t show hiker/biker as a “Camping Types” option, it’s missing a number of parks (Sisters City Park was one at the time this was initially posted), and there is no option to display a larger map than the fixed site size displays.  None of this is critical, however – it’s icing, not the cake.  Oregon Campgrounds gets the Cycle Wild seal of approval.



Putting the “Wild” into Cycle Wild: ODFW

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) protects and enhances Oregon’s fish and wildlife and their habitats for use and enjoyment by present and future generations.  So what does that mean?  It means they manage the state’s hunting and fishing programs, as well as state wildlife refuges.  And they have a new map.

You might notice, a number of locations are within the Portland rideshed.  Next time you’re out on a camping outing, consider stopping at one of these locations for wildlife viewing.  Just don’t forget your mosquito repellant – many of these areas are wetlands and prone to bugs.


Minimum Gear List

What is the bare minimum of gear you need in order to camp by bike in the Pacific Northwest? That really depends on your comfort level, and your desired cushion of safety. This article discusses the absolute bare minimum you should consider when going camping by bike.

Remember the basics: Food (and water), Clothing, Shelter Continue reading

Training for Camping

Does the thought of riding 50 miles fill you with dread? How can you ever ride that far?!? Actually, it’s not nearly as hard as you’d expect – if you take the time to train. Here’s a schedule to get you on track to a summer of bike camping!

Start off easy, with just a 5 mile ride twice a week. For the average person, that’s about 30 minutes of riding, and can fit into an evening without any trouble. After a week or two, bump it up to 3 times a week, and after another week or two, bump it up to 10 miles twice a week, with a longer ride on the weekend. Each week, increase the distance of the weekend ride. Here’s a sample schedule that will get you in shape for the long distances in 3 short months! Continue reading