Champoeg bike camping, April 4-5, 2015

How long has it been since you’ve been bike camping with some friends? Well, pardner, that’s too long! Join Cycle Wild on a trip to Champoeg State Park on April 4th and 5th. Champoeg is a nearby gem that is rich in history and nestled right on the Willamette River.

The bike ride is yours for the cost of just a few calories, and the hiker/biker camping is only $5 per person, payable at the park. To participate in this trip, you must become a member of Cycle Wild, which will provide you with insurance on this trip and any other official Cycle Wild trips this year.

Sign up for the trip and pay your $10 membership fee ($5 for kids under 12) here:

We’ll depart at 9:30am on Saturday the 4th and return to the same location Sunday the 5th. Departure location details will be e-mailed to registrants. The trip will be under 30 miles, and feature a food stop approximately halfway through the ride in Canby.

While it is still early season and may be rainy, this trip is rain or shine, and at the park there is an outdoor pavilion where we can cook and socialize, so don’t feel like you will need to be trapped in your tent all afternoon and evening. Still, please do make sure to bring wet-weather biking and camping gear, and make sure you have some dry clothes to change into after we arrive. There are warm showers and flush toilets on site.

Please feel free to ask your ride leader Chris McCraw any questions you might have about the trip. His email is gently (at) gmail (dot) com.

Another awesome (if rainy) trip to Battle Ground Lake

Next time you see any of these lovely people, give them a giant high five for their daring feats of bike-camping weather-braving!

Battle Ground Lake trip(the Battle Ground gang and one of our cabins)

That’s right. Despite the rain, everyone was in high spirits for our trip to Battle Ground Lake — not even a few wrong turns could dampen the spirits of these hardy folk!

In fact, some of us even went hiking in the downpour once we got there, since there are tons of trails around the lake just begging to be explored. And all of us enjoyed some cozy cabin time full of good conversation, laughter, and the warm-fuzzy feeling of meeting new and awesome people.

(And of course, nothing makes cozy cabins cozier than hearing the rain on the roof and knowing that you’re warm and dry inside.)

 Battle Gound Lake rain(did we mention it rained?)

On the way home we made a lunch stop at Northwood — and then faced 20 miles of extreme headwind the whole rest of the way. But not even that could stop these folks, not even the brave soul towing his kid in a trailer.

Nice work, everyone!!

And for the rest of you, we’ll try to arrange for some better weather next time:)

(a few more pictures here)

March Cabin “Camping” at Battle Ground Lake

Itching for some bike camping? So are we! Come join us March 14-15 for a trip to Battle Ground Lake!

Like our last trip, we will be “camping” in cabins — which means that you must pre-register because we have limited space available. Also, remember that Cycle Wild is now a membership organization, so when you register for your first trip with us, we’ll also be asking you to pay your membership dues. You can register for this trip and pay membership costs in one easy registration here.

Battle Ground Lake

So what will this trip be like?


We’ll meet Saturday at 10am at the Cascades MAX stop, and take an approximately 25-mile, beginner-friendly route through Washington to Battle Ground Lake State Park. That’s right, we’re going to a whole new state! We’ll stick mostly to paths and side roads, though be prepared for a few small hills and a few busy stretches. Like our Stub Stewart trip, this will be a no-cyclist-left-behind sort of ride, so we’ll regroup if we get too far spread out, and we’ll take a break at the Safeway in Battleground to stock up on any needed provisions.


Vancouver has an all-ages mandatory helmet law, so bring your helmet!


At Battle Ground Lake, our cabins have heat and electricity and will sleep 5 each. Please note that 5 people are spread out over a bunk bed (one on top; two on the bottom) and a fold-out futon. Which means that you will most likely be sharing a bed with someone. If you don’t want to spoon, no worries: you may be on the same (large) bed but you’ll be in separate sleeping bags. :) Or bring a sleeping pad and sleep on the floor, whatever. There are flush toilets, showers (bring your quarters!), and most likely a communal campfire. There are also several trails. And a lake, if you want to get your polar-bear-swimming action on.


What should you bring?


As always, you can find more complete packing lists here, but some essentials for this trip include:
  • Your sleeping bag
  • Your own cookware and food. Cooking is not allowed inside the cabins, but there are picnic tables outside for that purpose
  • Earplugs if you’re a light sleeper and worried about your cabin mates’ snoring
  • Anything you need to be comfortable biking to cabins and staying overnight

Your ride leaders for this trip are me (stasia honnold) and the lovely Ryan Good. Feel free to get in touch with either of us if you have questions. We’ll also get in touch with registered riders with more details as we get closer to our camping date.

Register here to come join us for our first trip of 2015!

Big News: Become a Member!

Hello campers! We have a big announcement to share.

Cycle Wild is becoming a membership organization!

That’s right, now you can be an official Cycle Wilder–and for only $10 a year!

Since our founding, Cycle Wild has been a free group. We love bike camping, we love sharing that love with others, and we’re not in this to make any money. But something has been missing–peace of mind that if anything goes wrong on the road, you and Cycle Wild will both be covered.

That’s right, we now have accident insurance through the League of American Bicyclists!

We hope we never have to use it. We’ve been fortunate so far, but now you can rest assured that, in the unlikely case of an incident on the road with us, you’ll have help with medical expenses. We feel it’s well worth it.

You’re required to be a member to come on our trips–our insurance only covers members. Individual adult membership is $10 per year (totally worth it), payable prior to or during registration for your first Cycle Wild trip of the year. Junior members (12 years and under) are $5 per year.

Membership is by the calendar year, February 1st through January 31st of the following year. A limited number of low-cost, sliding scale $0-$9 memberships are available – contact us if you’re interested.

If you’d like to donate more to Cycle Wild to help us cover these costs, we’ll soon have a way to give more. We’ll roll out additional member levels that will get you fun schwag, plus that warm fuzzy feeling that only comes from bike camping. Stay tuned.

To become a member right now, please send or hand deliver your payment by check or cash to:
Cycle Wild Membership
c/o Edward Groth
322 NW 6th Ave #200
Portand OR 97209

along with the following info:

  • Your name (first and last)
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Emergency contact name (first and last) and their relationship to you
  • Emergency contact phone number
  • Emergency contact e-mail (optional)
  • Medical conditions we should be aware of
  • Membership level:
    $10 Individual
    (more to come soon)

If you choose to become a member when you register for your first trip, you can do that through Eventbrite.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us at

Stub Stewart cabin camping: awesome!!

Though most everyone was prepared for massive monsoon downpours for our camping trip last weekend, the weather cooperated nicely for a relatively dry ride out to Stub Stewart and a beautiful ride back. Our 5 cabins were perfect, and a good time was had by all.

stub stewart winter 2014(rainbows in the Cycle Wild future:)

Peter Rhodes, one of our trip participants, wrote a nice report of the ride. If you’re wondering what a winter cabin camping trip with Cycle Wild is like, he gives a good sense of it: check it out here.

Peter Rhodes(Peter on his way out Sunday morning)

I have a few more pictures here,  and you can find some by the venerable Shawn Granton here. If anyone else has anything to contribute, please feel free to post them in the comments.

Thanks for coming, everyone! Nothing like a trip to some cozy, heated cabins to shake up the normal winter routine. Stay tuned for more Cycle Wild happenings after the new year!

Winter Cabin Camping: Stub Stewart State Park, December 6-7

(Spoiler: this trip requires you to register. You can do that here.)

stub stewart

Winter doesn’t have to mean the end of your camping season! Join Cycle Wild on December 6th and 7th for some hearty winter camping at Stub Stewart State Park. Yes, we will be staying in cabins, so you can look forward to a dry roof over your head at the end of the ride.

This is a great ride for people curious about camping in the off-season. Since we’ll be staying in cabins, it’s an excellent introduction to the logistics of a colder trip, without having to worry about being wet all night — no tent required, though you will need to bring your own bedding.

The route is also beginner-friendly, clocking in around 21 miles one way, with half of that spent on the lovely and car-free Banks-Vernonia Trail. We’ll have experienced leaders in both the front and back with a no-biker-left-behind policy, and we will stop to regroup if necessary. Once we get there, Stub Stewart State Park has hiking trails, biking trails, and disc golf, if you’re into winter hiking, biking, or disc golf. Or relax in our warm and cozy cabins with the other awesome people sure to come with us.

Cabins sleep five and we have three of them reserved. Likely we will designate one as the stay-up-late cabin and one as the get-up-early cabin, just to make sure everyone’s happy:)

This trip costs $15 to cover the price of the cabins. And as there are only a certain number of beds, registration is required–register here. We’ll have a wait list if more people are interested than the number of spots available.

You are responsible for your own food, cookware, sleeping bag, toiletries, and anything else you could possibly want. And if you have a fun board game, bring that too:) As always, you can find suggested packing lists on our site, or contact us. Your fearless ride leaders (all three of them!) Are Ed Groth, Ryan Good, and Stasia Honnold, and we’re happy to answer any questions you have. We’ll give out more details to registered riders closer to the date of the trip.

Escape your normal life for a weekend and come join us for a cozy time in the wintery woods!

Columbia Gorge mini-tour, September 19-21


*Please note, the original post had incorrect days listed in the description. This trip is Friday through Sunday.*

Let’s explore this gorgeous local treasure together! Come with us on a 3-day, 2-night trip along both sides of the Columbia River.
Friday we’ll ride eastbound on the Washington side – 60 miles with about 3800′ of elevation gain. We’ll stay in the beautiful Home Valley campground, very near the Columbia River Gorge. We’ll also be very near Stevenson, Washington, with Walking Man Brewing and other restaurants. Saturday we ride over the Bridge of the Gods, into Cascade Locks and then east to Viento State Park – 34 miles with 6000′ of climbing. Sunday we’ll ride back to Portland (or the MAX in Gresham) along the Historic Columbia River Highway for 67 miles (or 56 to the MAX).

This is an intermediate rated trip due to the distance on days 1 and 3, and the amount of climbing on day 2. There will be lots of places to eat and/or buy groceries along the way.

The estimated cost for camping and firewood both nights is $20. (Extra money can be refunded to campers at the end of the trip, or contributed to the campsite reservation fund.) Our start location will be e-mailed to folks who register via Eventbrite. If you are unable to payonline using PayPal, please contact the leaders and we’ll figure something out.

A final note: Cycle Wild discourages the use of personal automobiles for all our trips. This is especially true since we will be staying in a hiker/biker site, and we should respect that campsite’s intended use for people arriving by bike or foot. Please help us respect this use and our purpose by riding/taking public transit for this and all our trips.

Eventbrite - Columbia Gorge mini-tour

Labor Day trip to Cape Lookout (via Nestucca) – Aug 30 – Sept 1

We are again going to Cape Lookout State Park for Labor Day! Cape Lookout has a really fantastic hiker/biker site, just a few yards from the ocean. There is lots to explore along the beach, and a hiking trail that goes up to Cape Lookout itself. We will ride out Saturday, August 30th, spend Sunday as a rest day at camp, and ride back Monday, September 1st.

Cycle Wild is leading a group via Nestucca River Road. This is an advanced trip–one-way mileage is 85 miles with 5000′ of elevation gain. But in return, you get a beautiful route that runs along the Nestucca River, with almost no cars for nearly 50 miles! Register for this trip here:

The hiker/biker site has potable water and a nearby port-a-potty, and the nearby regular camping loop has hot showers and flush toilets. Camping is $5/person, payable upon arrival. Firewood is also for sale–bring a few dollars cash to pitch in for a group fire.

Highway 6: Folks are welcome to join us at Cape Lookout’s hiker/biker campsite by riding out Highway 6. We will provide you with a route, but there is no leader for the Highway 6 route, and all riders taking this route are responsible for themselves. This is still an intermediate route, with one-way mileage of 70 miles with 2800′ of elevation gain. Another option folks could try is taking the Tillamook Wave bus out to Tillamook, and riding the last 12 miles to camp. Please note: the Wave does not run on Labor Day, so you will still have to ride your bike home.

If you will be joining us at camp via Hwy 6 or the Wave, please do not use Eventbrite to register. This is only for people riding the Nestucca River route.

A final note: Cycle Wild discourages the use of personal automobiles for all our trips. This is especially true since we will be staying in a hiker/biker site, and we should respect that campsite’s intended use for people arriving by bike or foot. Please help us respect this use and our purpose by riding/taking public transit for this and all our trips.

August 16th-17th primitive bike camping



Picture of a stream

We’re going camping and riding gravel roads in the Mt. Hood National Forest!

This is an exploration trip, we’re going to scout out a neat place to camp somewhere near Zigzag.

Interested in bikepacking but a bit overwhelmed by the idea?  Now’s your perfect chance to try it out. Although fatter tires and lighter gear will be nice, it’s not required.

Please keep in mind dispersed camping means there are no pit toilets, no showers, and no electrical outlets.  This is really roughing it, but with an easy out back to an established campground if things get dicey for anyone.

The ride will be about 45 miles with 3,800ft of climbing
Dates: Saturday, August 16th through Sunday, August 17th
Departure Time: Arrive by 8:00 AM, Leaving 8:30AM SHARP
Departure location:Gresham (registered riders will recieve start location)
Arrival back in Gresham: late evening Sunday


Panther Creek, WA camping – August 2nd-3rd


Join Cycle Wild at Panther Creek Campground, in Washington’s Gifford Pinchot National Forest! The campground is beautifully forested, and located directly along Panther Creek.

Our route will take us along the Historic Columbia River Highway, including the new piece of trail, out to Cascade Locks. We’ll then cross the Bridge of the Gods to the Washington side of the river and continue to ride on a beautiful 6 mile stretch of Hwy 14, through Stevenson (where we’ll stop for a pint and snacks at Walking Man Brewing, either out or back or both). We’ll then leave the highway and travel through Carson and up 8 miles into Gifford Pinchot to our campground.

The one-way mileage for this trip is 49 miles, with around 3,000′ of total elevation gain. Because of the mileage, this will be an intermediate to advanced trip.

For those feeling spunky, we can ride an additional 7 miles up NF-65 to the ah-mazing Panther Creek Falls.

Our starting location will be given out to folks who register via Eventbrite. If you are unable to pay online using PayPal, please contact the leaders, and we’ll figure something out.

The leaders for this ride are Erinne Goodell and Kirk Paulsen. We’re happy to answer any questions about the trip!

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